About me

I'm a passionate web- and applications developer, with professional skills and experience (mainly) in Python and PHP. I like to discover new things, to test the boundaries. I like simple and elegant code, I enjoy the fun from each project I take.


I can build PHP and Python based applications. I'm communicating with databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB) by various methods (PDO, Doctrine). I'm using MVC Frameworks as Codeigniter, Symfony and Zend Framework. Or perhaps, Django as a serious Python representative.

I'm adding a little salt and pepper to html generated pages with CSS, javascript and jQuery Framework. I maintain the code using Subversion and Git. I'm trying to get most of the Agile Development Methods.

And last, but not at least, I really enjoy the open-source software, the Linux boxes, and I like experimenting with Bash Scripting or Ruby.