Developing with passion

My name is Cristian Năvălici and I've been developing around since... quite some time (I remember some first code somewhere in 1999).

I've started with initial dreams for C/C++ and soon after that discovering web-development with e-commerce and PHP & MySQL driven websites. Jumping from freelancing to more bigger and stable projects, I was gathering experience with web related technologies, server side techniques and different development approaches. Later I joined the Python army of enthusiastic people, and tried to get my feet wet with different languages.

Currently I'm interested in creating code that's programmer friendly, fun to work with, that is efficient and last but not at least, that is adding value to the project (business or otherwise).

Keeping things simple is often easier said than done. Giving back to the opensource community is sometimes just a statement. But I try to make these things be part of our reality and not just words.

Check my work, share, enjoy!