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BNR Exchange Rates Reader

What's BNR Exchange Rates Reader?

BNR Exchange Rates Reader is a small hobby project designed to grab the exchange rates from the National Bank of Romania website, and display them in a list (with the possibility to save them to a text file).

It was a good opportunity to play a little bit with python and GTK (for the graphical interface).

It's translated also into two languages (english - default and romanian). The language should change function of the locale settings, in the next versions it was intended make it happen on the fly.

It's able to save the grabbed data into a sqlite db, and then use a statistics module on it.

Where to get it from?

Source code

If you're interested to see how it was done, check below:

How to install?

Download the archive, unpack and run bin/bnrErr (python 2.5, gtk, pygtk required).

Fun with screenshots