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ImageCrop plugin for CkFinder

What is this plugin about?

Imagecrop is a CKFinder plugin, based on imgarea jquery plugin.

This plugin allows you to do two things at the same time: cropping the image, leaving only the part you're interested in, and in the same time resizing the result to new dimensions.

For more information check the installation information or the provided screenshots.

Where to get it from?

How to install it?

Assuming that you already install CKFinder, download either the zip file or clone the git repository into your ckfinder plugins location (usually ckfinder/plugins), into a new folder imagecrop.

    ls /var/www/ckfinder/plugins
    dummy  fileeditor  flashupload  gallery  imagecrop  imageresize  watermark  zip
    git clone imagecrop/

Update CKFinder config

Update ckfinder/config.js with your real baseURL:

    CKFinder.config.baseUrl = 'http://localhost';

In ckfinder/config.php update the last part where the plugins are loaded:

    include_once "plugins/zip/plugin.php";
    include_once "plugins/imagecrop/plugin.php"; // this is the imagecrop loader

    $config['plugin_imageresize']['smallThumb'] = '90x90';

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